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Another great gem of wisdom from


Social Security Savings - Double Dip on Social Security

SPEND til THE END contains a gem about Social Security savings.  This involves combining individual Social Security benefits with spousal benefits.  There is nothing in the Social Security rules that says that you cannot do this.

This is just one of the many gems of wisdom in SPEND til THE END. It is revolutionary in its message. I highly recommend it to improve your standard of living now and after you retire so you can really SPEND til THE END.

NOTE:  More detail about this topic on pages 169 - 171 of SPEND til THE END.

Later note: The hardback copy of Spend til the End is not correct in the example that is given for collecting individual benefits first and spousal benefits later.  If you collect your own benefits early, this will lower the spousal benefits that you collect later by the reduced benefit percentage.

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