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SPEND til THE END Chapters

Here are the SPEND til THE END chapters.  Some of the chapter titles really grab your attention.

Introduction: The Three Commandments of Economics

Author's Note:  Instructions how to get a "sneak peek" at the first part of the Introduction and the Three Commandments of Economics.


Part 1  Smoothing Financial Paths

  1. "I Am Financially Sick"
  2. Consumption Smoothing
  3. Conventional Consumption Disruption
  4. Pimping Risk
  5. Financial Mind-benders

Part 2  Financial Pathology

  1. What, Me Worry?
  2. Understanding Financial Disease
  3. Financial Snake Oil

Part 3  Raising Your Living Standard

  1. My Son the Plumber
  2. Does College Really Pay?
  3. Fire Your Job
  4. Location, Location
  5. Whether 'Tis Wiser
  6. Pay It Down, Way Down
  7. Does It Pay to Play
  8. Converting
  9. Cashing Out
  10. Double Dip on Social Security
  11. Russian Roulette for Keeps
  12. Learning Your Bs and Ds
  13. Holding Your Nuts
  14. Fire Your Broker
  15. Downsize
  16. Equitable Alimony

Part 4  Pricing Your Passions

  1. Ciao, Baby
  2. Shacking Up
  3. Take the Leisure and Run
  4. Pricing Procreation
  5. Can We Help the Kids?
  6. Charity Stays at Home

Part 5  Preserving Your Living Standard

  1. Are Stocks Safer Than Bonds in the Long Run?
  2. Diversify Your Resources, Not Your Portfolio
  3. Spending Down
  4. Beware of Averages
  5. Portfolio Choice
  6. Public Policy Risk
  7. Sell You Boss Short (or Long)
  8. The Troll Under the Bridge
  9. Should I Care About Long-Term Care?
  10. A Safety-First Strategy

Epilogue: Is There an Economist in the House?


You can see from some of the interesting and controversial chapters that this book will be interesting reading.

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